Zareen 3D Tech Surveys Pvt Ltd

Industrial Plant Modelling & Land Surveying Experts

Zareen 3D Tech Surveys Pvt Ltd

Industrial Plant Modelling & Land Surveying Experts

Zareen 3D Tech Surveys Pvt Ltd

Industrial Plant Modelling & Land Surveying Experts


Zareen 3D Tech Surveys PVT LTD

What we do?

Zareen 3D Surveys specializes in industrial plant modeling and land surveying services.

We specialize in creating intelligent 3D models for various industrial plants, including oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, metal, and fertilizer plants. Our services include generating isometric drawings, producing P&ID and spec productions, tagging, line listing, creating support and instrument drawings. We also offer scanning, point cloud registration and classification services.

In addition, we are proficient in land surveying, which is

Route Surveys: Powerline, Railway track, Canals, Roads, Tunnel, Water & oil-Gas Pipeline Surveys. We can prepare profiles, layouts, shop drawings & sections.

Building Surveys: Marking, Setting out, 2D & 3D Plans, Sections, All Side Views, Elevation, . We follow societal & international rules. We will do the quantity for you, such as Block and brick’s nos, Electrical wires quantity & price,
Mechanical & plumbing nos & expense, Steel/Structure quantity & price, Concrete ratio, quantity, and class with price.

Topographic/Mapping Surveys:
Extensive area mapping with 3mm accuracy by using UAV
Huge control point network with concrete block & pin
raverse/control calculation by Paid software
Ground & Vegetation model, DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model) & CHM (Canopy Height Model).

3D Lines Surveys: Are ideal for creating 3D models on Google Earth or maps. Many platforms can perform this task, but “Sensat” is known for its high accuracy, navigation, and quality. To create a 3D Lines survey, a geo-referenced point cloud must be captured through a scanner.

As Built Surveys: On the other hand, capture the details of complex buildings or industrial plants. Our instruments can capture 360-degree images and HD videos, creating a fully intelligent model that includes all the necessary details.
The primary use of As Built Surveys is for relocation services on a large scale. We can capture the required data on-site, create a model on the computer, and relocate it accurately.

Hydrographic Survey: Lastly, Hydrographic Surveys are used to measure underwater areas’ depth and physical features. These surveys are typically divided into Harbour, Passage, Coastal, and General Hydrographic surveys. We offer various services, including mapmaking, mining, construction, quantity surveying, and precision surveys. You can trust us to provide accurate and reliable data for your projects



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Our Services

Industrial Plant Modelling / Relocation

Looking to build, modify, or relocate your industrial plant in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Nuclear, Metal, or Fertilizer industry? We’ve got you covered!



At Zareen 3D Surveys, our standard method is to use a concrete block with a steel pin or brass plate based on our client’s requirements

Data Capturing

The duration of scanning for a standard project is usually around three minutes. However, scans that last from six to eleven minutes are needed for high-accuracy projects

Point Cloud Survey

At Zareen 3D Surveys, we specialize in working with Point Cloud data. We have extensive knowledge of software such as Trimble, Aveva, and Autodesk, as well as programs like Tilos,

PointCloud Registration

Our scanners have a high-speed scan rate of 1 million points per second and can scan up to 270 meters. Accurately registering all scans together is a critical task using paper and metal black and white paper.

3D Intelligent Model

Several components are necessary to create an intelligent model, including point cloud data, documents, and various software programs.  These elements are interconnected,

Pipe Modelling

Piping design and modelling are essential aspects of any industrial plant or manufacturing unit. It involves creating a detailed plan of the piping system and simulating the design to identify potential issues before implementation.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the accuracy of our isometric model, a comprehensive QA process is essential in identifying and eliminating any errors or faults made by the modelers. At Zareen 3D Surveys, our QA system is designed to be user-friendly and efficient.

Generation of isometric Drawings

In plant modelling, isometric drawings are crucial as they allow for easy and clear reading of various dimensions. These drawings, also known as isometric projections, are commonly used in technical drawings to showcase 3D items on a 2D page.

Topographic Survey


For small projects, we use Level, T.S & GPS Instrument while for big projects we have UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)/Drone facility.

Movement & Deformation Monitoring

We used Digital Level (Auto Staff Reading) & Total Station for monitoring purposes with 2-3 sec accuracy.

Zareen 3D Tech Surveys Pvt Ltd

Zareen 3D Surveys creating value through aggressive management, our team is built with a group of passionate & professional experts, who always place their client’s needs as a priority. As part of the well-established team, we have been providing outstanding services & knowledge to ensure success for clients & company, Insight integrity & results.







Our goal is to ensure all Customers are satisfied, because we care!

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            Our goal is to ensure all Customers are satisfied because, we care!


            Why Should Our Client Care?


            Looking to build, modify, or relocate your industrial plant in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Nuclear, Metal, or Fertilizer industry? We’ve got you covered! Simply provide us your documents and drawings, and we’ll create a solid and intelligent model based on your specifications. If you don’t have the necessary paperwork or the information on files doesn’t match your as-built data, we can even scan your plant with a remarkable accuracy of 0.003mm. With our advanced technology, we can provide detailed drawings of every part of your plant. In addition, our company boasts the best document control system, with a portal that allows us to navigate, investigate, and review every detail of your documents. And one of our standout features is our exceptional match marking quality. Trust us to help you with your plant modelling needs.

            Zareen 3D Surveys is a well-established brand in the AEC (BIM) industry which focuses on providing technological and engineering solutions to clients in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Mechanical industry. Our team comprises professionals from all over the world who work remotely for us. We have skilled land surveyors and 3D modellers proficient in all software and techniques. Our plugin and cloud software provide us the best results and speed while prioritizing client security and satisfaction.

            Our intelligent models are created using an impressive array of over 27 different software programs, including proprietary tools such as our Structure Extraction software, Auto Paper target detector, and Pipe Analyzer. These tools vastly enhance the quality and speed of our work. In addition, we meticulously assign specific tasks to our dedicated teams, some of whom work remotely while others are based in our offices. This approach ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy.

            What sets us apart from other companies is that we provide you a 3D intelligent Model instead of just a Geometry or Blind Model. Our point cloud offers all the critical information for each point, allowing you to view, measure, and navigate it quickly and effortlessly. With our advanced technology, you’ll have all the details you need at your fingertip.

            Rest assured that Zareen 3D Surveys is a certified company that strictly adheres to the ISO 9001_ISO/TC/76/SC2 standards set by the standardization committee. In addition, our team is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and we have globally covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, which includes protection against Bodily Injury, Property Damage, or any direct financial loss. So you can confidently trust that all of our work is regulated and guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

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