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Point Cloud Data Survey

Point Cloud Data

Modern surveys rely heavily on Scan Data Point Cloud capturing

Extraction of Piping & Structure

Entire plant can be extract through our software’s in a very short time

Classification of Point Cloud

We can separate & classify Ground, Vegetation, Piping & Structure from Cloud Data

Do you have a Point Cloud

Our team will work diligently to provide you with a 100% accurate, intelligent solid model.

Types of Scans

Color Scans takes three time longer then gray scans.

Point Cloud Data – Survey

At Zareen 3D Surveys, we specialize in working with Point Cloud data. We have extensive knowledge of software such as Trimble, Aveva, and Autodesk, as well as programs like Vrmesh, LSS, Bentley, Tekla, Edgewise, Tilos, Novapoint-Quadri, Jetstream, and various cloud-Worx Plug-ins. With these tools, we can deliver high-quality products to our clients and customers.

Extraction & Conversion

Modern surveys rely heavily on Scan Data Point Cloud capturing, allowing quick and accurate data collection. Through the use of software, extraction and conversion of this data have become much more manageable. We can even model entire plants using point cloud data, including extracting pipes, structures, and ducts.

Classification of Point Cloud

Our software enables us to classify point clouds into categories such as Pipe Point Cloud, Equipment, Structure, Tower, and Ground Points. We accept all kinds of point cloud formats, and our team will work diligently to provide you with a 100% accurate, intelligent solid model. In addition, we carefully review all drawings and documents to ensure that each minor detail is included in the final model.

Brilliant Services

 Surveying of Existing Power lines, 3D Model of Towers/Building.
Splitting of Ground Points, Detect Vegetation.
BIM Surveys.
New lines Rerouting & Designing.
Volumetric & Material Surveys.
Viewing, Navigating.
Unifying & conversion Different Formats of Point Clouds.
Extract 3D models from Point clouds.
Extraction of architecture Building, Structure, Duct Models.
At Zareen 3D Surveys, we are committed to providing helpful, fair, and safe services to our clients and customers.

Latest Projects

Collombey Switzer-land

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We have completed a plant Modeling for Collombey. It was a quite big project which been modeled in 13 Months with the help of our great software’s & great teams.The client fully satisfied from our 3D intelligent model. We have generated Isometric drawing for them so they can use after relocation. Also we did match marking for them. Also our UK team the one who did scanning over there. We took 56 days to finish to whole scanning. we have completed the project with high quality & committed time.


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Our team just completed an As-built Plant Modelling Project for the Engro plant. The project involved creating isometric drawings,equipment and piping plans, structural plans, electrical and instrumentation plans, material take-off, piping support details, a PMS pipe material specification chart/table, and various reports per the client’s requirements.

Jebeli Ali Plant-Dubai

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In today’s age, plant modelling has become increasingly necessary. If you want to modify, you need an exact plant model perfectly aligned with geo-referencing. Accuracy is crucial when modelling on-site or on a computer. To ensure accuracy, we installed a large plant geo-referenced control monument along the road and covered each block with four controls to prevent the model from moving or rotating. Our client required the same as a previous project, an as-built 3D intelligent model, and we are experts in this field. Our client was satisfied with our work.