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Generation OF Isometric Drawing

Isometric Drawings

Commonly used in technical drawings to showcase 3D items on a 2D page.

XYZ Values of each point

With just one click, you can obtain both the coordinates and elevation.

Measurements between Flanges

Determine the distance between two points with seamless accuracy.


These models are vital for running plants as modifications often occur over time

Additional Services

Equipment, Structure, Piping & Electrical Plan, Material take off

Isometric Projections OR Isometric Drawings

In plant modelling, isometric drawings are crucial as they allow for easy and clear reading of various dimensions. These drawings, also known as isometric projections, are commonly used in technical drawings to showcase 3D items on a 2D page. They effectively display measurements and how components fit together without distortion in perspective drawings. When generating as-built isometric models, the Zareen 3D team pays close attention to essential details such as line number, flow direction, piping components, weld joint type, location, height, width, and depth. These models are vital for running plants as modifications often occur over time, rendering old drawings useless.

Additional Services

Apart from generating isometric drawings, Zareen 3D Surveys also offers additional services.
1 Equipment Plant
2 Piping & Structure Plan
3 Electrical & Instrument Plan
4 Material take off
5 Piping Support Details
6 PMS Pipe Material Specification Chart/Table
7 Various reports as requested by a client.

Latest Projects

Collombey Switzer-land

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We have completed a plant Modeling for Collombey. It was a quite big project which been modeled in 13 Months with the help of our great software’s & great teams.The client fully satisfied from our 3D intelligent model. We have generated Isometric drawing for them so they can use after relocation. Also we did match marking for them. Also our UK team the one who did scanning over there. We took 56 days to finish to whole scanning. we have completed the project with high quality & committed time.


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Our team just completed an As-built Plant Modelling Project for the Engro plant. The project involved creating isometric drawings,equipment and piping plans, structural plans, electrical and instrumentation plans, material take-off, piping support details, a PMS pipe material specification chart/table, and various reports per the client’s requirements.

Jebeli Ali Plant-Dubai

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In today’s age, plant modelling has become increasingly necessary. If you want to modify, you need an exact plant model perfectly aligned with geo-referencing. Accuracy is crucial when modelling on-site or on a computer. To ensure accuracy, we installed a large plant geo-referenced control monument along the road and covered each block with four controls to prevent the model from moving or rotating. Our client required the same as a previous project, an as-built 3D intelligent model, and we are experts in this field. Our client was satisfied with our work.