3D Zareen surveys

What sets us apart from other companies is that we provide you a 3D intelligent Model instead of just a Geometry or Blind Model. Our point cloud offers all the critical information for each point, allowing you to view, measure, and navigate it quickly and effortlessly. With our advanced technology, you’ll have all the details you need at your fingertip.

Our goal is to ensure all Customers are satisfied because, we care!

Lilac Cottage – London

We can quickly capture and scan your property without you needing to remove any items. Our equipment can Scan 45 rooms daily, so capturing your property will not take more than a day. Once we have a registered point cloud of your property, we can produce 2D and 3D plans, drawings, sections, elevations, walls, slabs, and foundations. We will also inform you of the materials needed, including the number of blocks, steel, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and more. We have experience capturing single-story and double-story houses, cottages, schools, and mosques.

Route/Corridor Survey-Oman

Route/Corridor Survey-Oman

Our UAVs are the best for topographic or route surveys. During a flight, we cover an area of 6 sq km and perform GPS checks to compare the data with the drone data. However, it is essential to note that drone data cannot be fully trusted because the photos are taken from a long distance, which can lead to errors. Therefore, it is crucial to walk or survey along the route. Additionally, control monuments need to be installed at each 1 km.


  • Ariel Imagery
  • Angle Bar/Pin Marking on each turning.
  • Developed Center Line & Corridor through a variety of techniques, including GPS data collection and digitization of roads on aerial photographs.
  • Define all the details along the route.
  • Detailed Surface Drawing.

Axis Mall –Islamabad

Axis Mall located at the front of Faisal Town which is under construction. Our company been performing following duties.


  • Find the exact Location/Boundary of the Mall.
  • Shows all utilities in the map around the Building.
  • Find out Volumetric & Areas Calculations.
  • Our Surveyor marked each & every point of the Building from Bottom to Top which includes Excavation, Foundation, Column, Stair cases, Lefts, Tanks and so on
  • Create Shop drawing of few areas, Sections, Elevation & different Views.

Red Line Metro-Doha Qatar

Deformation monitoring (also referred to as deformation survey) is the systematic measurement and tracking of the alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of stresses induced by applied loads.

Monitoring on daily bases by Digital Level & Total station with the help of software can show us every minor movement. Monitoring loops should be closed in 2-3 second accuracy, while using auto read functions in TS can gives us every 5 minutes updates. Big incidents can be passed/defused by deformation survey.

Dubai Power Line-Point Cloud Classification Project

For the Dubai Power Line-Point Cloud Classification Project in Dubai, a 70 km survey of an existing power line was completed to develop a detailed profile of each meter. Dunes covered most areas, making driving the car the most challenging part.


  • Point Cloud Classification through software.
  • Detect Ground & export ASC format with xyz values.
  • Detect Vegetation
  • Detect Ground
  • Detect Tower, Conductor, Poles, Fence & export in different formats like ASC, LAS, LAS,

Manhole Pipe Inspection-Oman

A pipe between manhole can be inspected by a CCTV Video crawling machine which keeps a recorded Video, Photos of Defects, Inclination Chart, Pipe Alignment. We completed a 45 km inspection within 20 days.

KNPC Shuaiba Refinery – Kuwait

NBTC Kuwait – 200K BPD Refinery 

Scope of Work

Laser Scanning and production of Intelligent 3D Model & 2D document production

Production of Section & Profiles of each 5 km


Birba Rationalization – Oman

PDO – Petroleum Development Oman

Scope of Work – Gas Pumping Station

Laser scan and production of a dumb PDMS model of solar steam injection facilities as part

of Birba Gas Plant, PDO, Oman


Related Projects

Collombey Switzer-land

More Info

We have completed a plant Modeling for Collombey. It was a quite big project which been modeled in 13 Months with the help of our great software’s & great teams.The client fully satisfied from our 3D intelligent model. We have generated Isometric drawing for them so they can use after relocation. Also we did match marking for them. Also our UK team the one who did scanning over there. We took 56 days to finish to whole scanning. we have completed the project with high quality & committed time.


More Info

Our team just completed an As-built Plant Modelling Project for the Engro plant. The project involved creating isometric drawings,equipment and piping plans, structural plans, electrical and instrumentation plans, material take-off, piping support details, a PMS pipe material specification chart/table, and various reports per the client’s requirements.

Jebeli Ali Plant-Dubai

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In today’s age, plant modelling has become increasingly necessary. If you want to modify, you need an exact plant model perfectly aligned with geo-referencing. Accuracy is crucial when modelling on-site or on a computer. To ensure accuracy, we installed a large plant geo-referenced control monument along the road and covered each block with four controls to prevent the model from moving or rotating. Our client required the same as a previous project, an as-built 3D intelligent model, and we are experts in this field. Our client was satisfied with our work.